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DJ Services

Special Occasions

On special occasions, the soundtrack can make, or break, a moment. Finding the right soundtrack for every production is absolutely key to making a show the best it can be. Inappropriate music or music with excessive volume can change the tone of a show from happy and energetic, to intrusive and awkward. With The Music Smith, Washington, DC residents have a DJ and MC operation that works personally with each client to ensure that every show goes according to plan, exceeding the expectations of both host and guests alike. From the setup of a show, to the completion of the night, The Music Smith has the equipment and personnel necessary for a perfect performance.


Corporate Events

Few things are as disheartening to an employee as a work celebration that falls flat. There are plenty of ways to kill an office party dead in its tracks but the fastest is through poor music choice and delivery. Poor sound because of low quality equipment or pirated recordings is an assault on anybody’s eardrums. Ultimately, the point of most corporate celebrations is employee appreciation.


Social Events

The difference between a social event that lingers in your memory for years to come and an awkward high school dance is the quality of the sound and lighting effects. Finding a professional standard of DJ and MC services is integral to any great event and anything less than perfection can tarnish an entire evening. Project managers have a choice of DJ and MC services from which to select.


Customize Your Package

The ambiance of an event is incredibly important to its success and that is why getting what you want from a DJ or MC is vital to any successful performance. Selecting the right DJ service, however, is only a part of the process. The other part is ensuring that the DJ brings equipment meeting all the demands of the event. At The Music Smith, we have an array of DJ equipment and we offer several packages to ensure that each and every Washington, DC client has the sound, and lighting quality that they deserve.


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