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Customize Your Package

A Variety of Hagerstown, MD Sound

The ambiance of an event is incredibly important to its success and that is why getting what you want from a DJ or MC is vital to any successful performance. Selecting the right DJ service, however, is only a part of the process. The other part is ensuring that the DJ brings equipment meeting all the demands of the event. At The Music Smith, we have an array of DJ equipment and we offer several packages to ensure that each and every Hagerstown, MD client has the sound, and lighting quality that they deserve.

Customizable Packages:


Our expert audio techs are able to perform in various capacities, including as DJs, comprehensive MCs, or simply as a conduit for your music to be streamed at the venue.

*We can also act as coordinators if necessary

Sound Systems

  • a) Dual JBL speaker towers
  • b) Quad JBL speaker towers
  • c) Quad JBL speaker towers with decorative covers and professionally illuminated.

Music Synchronized DJ Light Show Packages with Illuminated Suspension Truss

Small Show:

  • 3 color wash lights, 1 moving head light, 3 color spot lights, and 2 color lasers

Medium Show:

  • 6 color wash lights, 2 moving head lights, 6 color spot lights, 4 color lasers

Large Show:

  • 12 color wash lights, 3 moving heads, 12 color spot lights, 8 color lasers

GOBO Light Packages

  • a) Dance floor area
  • b) Seating area
  • c) Dance floor and seating

Photo Slideshow Packages

  • a) Prearranged slideshow (HDMI projection and screen)
  • b) Prearranged slideshow updated throughout event (HDMI projection, screen, and assistant)

Video Packages

  • a) Raw digital video interviews of arriving guests (assistant included)
  • b) Raw digital video tapes of entire reception (assistant included)
  • c) Fully edited video of entire reception (outside agency involvement)

A Package for Every Project

The heart and soul of a successful event is provided by the music and lighting. Ensuring that the equipment used and services rendered are appropriate and professional is imperative to any successful event. With The Music Smith, Hagerstown, MD residents and business owners have a plethora of options to guarantee that each party they host has the equipment it needs to become the event, which all others are compared to going forward.

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